The most commonly owned promotional products among all consumers are writing instruments… the humble pen to be exact.

And, let’s be honest, there would be very few office desks, homes, pencil cases, handbags or pockets that wouldn’t have at least one or two lurking around!


Originally, ancient Egyptians, way back in 3000BC, used reed straws with a split, dipped in soot or red ochre mixed with vegetable gum and beeswax, to write on papyrus. The quill pen followed, often made from goose feathers. The use of these continued right up until the early 19th century when they were finally replaced by the metal dip pen. To continue the evolution along came the fountain pen and then the ballpoint pen, which was invented in 1931 by László Bíró.

Modern ball point pens feature metal balls as the writing point. These are often made from tungsten carbide, which is three times tougher than steel and denser than titanium. Ballpoint pens were originally designed for the Royal Air Force of Great Britain; as usual fountain pens flowed in jets from the reduction of atmospheric pressure.


On average, a pen can write approximately50 thousand words with the average person using up to 4.3 pens each year. Which is a whole lot of advertising if the pens are branded with your business details. A sensationally cost effective marketing strategy with significant returns on investment.


MC Promotions has an enormous range of pens, with different colours and styles to suit most needs.  Ranging in price they can be custom printed with your information and ready for distribution to your team and customers quickly. A great way of promoting your brand, pens, are the promotional product that keeps on giving, day after day, word after word.

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